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Need Help Connecting a Belkin Router to BT Home Hub

Re: Need Help Connecting a Belkin Router to BT Home Hub.


Ought your PC's network ipv4 protocol manual settings primary DNS server be set to Same as it's default gateway and DHCP server? Then secondary DNS server and add on the advanced page

Or, as you are connecting through a BELKIN router ip, taking the clue from the IP address which I presume was assigned by DHCP to your PC by the Belkin:

PC default gateway, DHCP server, DNS primary server, secondary DNS server and add on the advanced page

You could also try adding these and ALL the numbers you referred to to the extra gateway and DNS server boxes in your PC's network advanced settings.

I had to work with a similar set-up, (two Netgear wireless modem routers piggy- backed on each other), in a House In Multiple Occupation for three years setting other residents' computers up to use the network wirelessly. Basically I found that if you put all the numbers into the network connections' property boxes for IPv4 MANUALLY, it works. Also each router was set to a DIFFERENT channel. The routers also had DIFFERENT SSID names but the workgroup names in each computer needed to be the same if they wanted to see each other properly and share files. Each computer's adapters all each had to have different IP addresses. We also had to add in the DNS server numbers from the primary router which I think were the ISP's server numbers in order to get Internet access and not merely connect to the routers or each other.

When restarting after downages for any reason eg power loss, ISP server or telephone network problems, everything had to be started in the proper sequence and allowed to complete it's own start up process. Controlling computer first, then the main router, then the secondary router, and then our own computers. Disconnecting and reconnecting the software wireless connection or logging off and logging back on was also sometimes helpful when other problems arose e.g those caused by the three day leases on our connections.

I had a small Windows 95 desktop computer in a room in the basement connected by ethernet cable to a powerline adapter in the room. This connected via the mains wiring to another powerline adapter. Then by a short ethernet cable to the basement router. Then from the basement router ?LAN socket via a long (I believe straight not crossover) ethernet cable up to a main router LAN socket in the ground floor office. Then wirelessly from the router in the office to a usb wireless network adapter on the wall in another room connected by a usb extension lead to my main Windows Me computer in that room on the ground floor! It worked! and I was able to transfer and back up some files from the smaller hard drive to the bigger one.

You would need to make sure that the routers were set up so that they do not conflict.

If you put ALL the relevant numbers in on a laptop's network settings, you can roam the house.

You probably WON'T see the HomeHub if you are connected wirelessly through the Belkin but you might be able to see it in a scan for wireless connections within range. I don't think this matters much as all you are really interested in is getting through the Belkin to the Internet. It's the Belkin that you need to connect to and through.

Oh, and you need to check your internet connection and firewall settings to allow the routers and your other devices access to the internet and to each others' devices if you are sharing files etc.

Or why not just get a longer ethernet cable? or powerline adapters? or modem line or phone line? Wouldn't it be cheaper and simpler? You didn't say what else you have connected to either of your routers or how you are connecting to the Belkin or what operating system you are using.

Sorry this is a bit higgledy-piggledy. It's my first post on a computer topic. :) I hope this is of some use to you. There's probably more than one way of doing this. Most of the Router providers and manufacturers have a lot of general wireless network help pages on their web sites e.g:

Netgear - Improving Wireless Range: Choosing the Right Equipment. http://kb.netgear.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/198

Netgear - Routers as an Access Point. http://kb.netgear.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/965

I expect Belkin has something useful, more pertinent to your own equipment.

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